Our Team

Vernon Bell

President & CCO

Vern is the founder and president of American Elite Advisory. With over 30 years of experience in the tech industry, Vern is well positioned to lead our firm. He is based out of Dallas, TX.

Sean Horn

Advisor (VA) & Vice President

In addition to serving his advisory clients, Sean also serves as our Vice President of Advisor Development. He is based out of Charlottesville, VA.

Bruce Sutherland

Advisor (TX)

Bruce is one of our advisors. With over 25 years experience in financial advisory, he is well positioned to help investors achieve their retirement and estate planning goals. He is based in Dallas, TX.

Mike Greiner

Advisor (TX)

Mike is one of our advisors.

Daniel Dower

Chief Counsel & CIO

Daniel is our legal counsel and the creator of the Elite Relative Value Strategy ("ERVS"). A successful real estate investor, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the firm. He is based out of Dallas, TX.

Samuel Zavaletta

Advisor (TX)

Samuel does not charge AUM fees or commissions, because he believes they creates conflicts of interest with his clients. He is based in Austin, TX.

Robb Rothrock

Advisor (TX)

Robb is one of our advisors.